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prison service jobs 

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Many people want to join the prison service but only a few candidates actually realise this dream for the simple reason that many turn up to the assessment day unprepared. Being a Prison Officer is a challenging and rewarding career with many exciting opportunities.

The role of the prison officer has grown in recent years and it is now looked upon as one of the top ten jobs that people want to become. It takes a special type of person to become a prison officer and only those that fit the criteria are given the opportunity.  Previously the position of a prison officer was not looked upon in a favourable light but the prison service has moved on to offer a very sought after respected job and career path.

 prison service jobs prison service jobs prison service jobs 

A Prison Service Job offers a number of fantastic benefits:

   1. A secure job even in times of financial uncertainty

   2. A generous salary with prison officers earning up to 30,000 after training

   3. Part time and flexible working hours are available

   4. The prison service welcomes applications from both men and women

   5.  Up to 25 days holiday, which does not include bank holidays.

   6. Once appointed there are opportunities to move into more specialist roles such as physical educational instructor or dog handler.

   7. The Prison Service offers a choice of two pension schemes, giving you the flexibility.

Life in the Prison Service is more than just a job. The job offers challenges and many opportunities which will not find anywhere else, but it is not for everybody. That is why they have a careful selection procedure which lets them understand the candidate better, and lets them see more of what your life will be like.

prison service jobs prison service jobs

The Prison Service Selection Process 2012

To secure a prison service job you will need to successfully pass a tough selection process. Many candidates apply to become a prison officer but only those that stand out from the other candidates are successful. The prison service application process that every candidate must pass is detailed below:

Stage 1: The Application Stage

The first stage is the application form stage and these are now completed online application. Therefore sending off your CV or an old written application form is no longer sufficient. Once your application has been received your will receive notification by email.

The Recruitment staff receive your online application and they undertake something called the initial sift stage. 

They will examine the application you have submitted and if you meet the requirements they are looking for then you will be asked to complete an on line Prison Officer Selection Test often referred to as POST. The request to complete this test will be sent your email address and you must complete this within 7 days.

Stage 2: Prison Officer Selection Test (POST)

The POST is made up of two parts which also includes both numerical and language tests. The numerical test is sent to your e-mail address however the language test is usually taken during the recruitment day.

If successful with the on line numerical POST test stage you will be notified by email and asked to attend the next stage of the process which is Recruitment Assessment Day or RAD.

Stage 3: The Recruitment Assessment Day (RAD)

The assessment day is the first chance for the recruitment team to see you in person and the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression. The RAD has been specifically created to test a number of different skills and see if you match up to what they are looking for. The assessment will typically consist of;

  • Successful completion of a number of role-play exercises (usually 4)
  • A one-on-one interview
  • The language test
  • A medical health check
  • Completion of the Vetting forms

Candidates who are successful then move onto the fourth and final stage of the whole process.

Stage 4: Appointment stage and beyond

Candidates who are successful during the prison officer recruitment day will then need to undertake a medical to ensure there a major health issues and they have a certain level of fitness. If you complete the medical with no problems then you will receive an offer of employment subject to the vetting process. This can take between 6 to 8 weeks and once this is completed a candidate will then be formally offered the position of prison officer and given a start date.

When you apply for a Prison Service Job in 2012 you will be required to pass a number of tests and interviews which have been specifically designed to test your skills and abilities.

The best way to pass the tests and interview is be fully prepared before  fill in the application form or arrive at the assessment day. The only way to do this is with the use of insider knowledge.

Our unique 'INSIDERS' guide has been created by those who have successfully passed all stages of the recruitment process and will show you how to do the same.

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  prison service jobs

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